Presentations and Authors

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Imagining Pastoralism: Rethinking Mongol Cultural Identity
Jamie N Sanchez
From Coolie to Yellow Peril, A socio-political veil of oppression: How the disaggregation of identity data can empower a community.
Lynda Nguyen
Time in Post-Fordist Societies of Control
Lindsay Weinberg
Pop and patriotism: the transnational identity construction of Jessica Sanchez and postcolonial Philippines
James Gabrillo
The One-Dimensionality of Borders - Marcuse
James Michael Nguyen
Frustrations: A Dispatch and Apothegms from Wrong Life
Bryant William Sculos
Becoming Weird: The Compulsions to Create an Other America in Appalachian B/orders
Jordan Laney
Surveillance in American Democracy
Mary Ryan
Mohammed Pervaiz

General Papers

Crisis, Austerity, and Nationalism
Sascha Engel
Race and Education – A Losing Combination
Larry Creech, Larry Creech
Social Struggles and the crisis: Within or Against “the Political”? Autonomy and Hegemony in the practices of Antagonism
Elia Zaru
Rejecting and Resisting in the Construction of Somali Bantu Diasporic Identity
Michele C. Deramo
Crisis and Emancipatory Transformation
Rebecca Hollender
“Heroine Mothers: Women’s Bodies, Neo-Natal Policy, and ‘Demographic Warfare’ in Israel”
Holly A. Jordan
Direct Action and the Potentially Transformative Liminal Spatio-Temporalities of Crises
A M Stapp
“White Beauty, the Fairest of Them All: The Impacts Of Skin Whitening on Filipino Minorities”
Victoria Bui
Communities, capabilities, and service-oriented humanitarian ethics
Claudio D'Amato
‘Lyric Thinking’ in the Contemporary Native American Poetry of Joy Harjo and Luci Tapahonso
Melissa Schwartz
The Impotential Human: Agamben, Biopolitics, and the Priesthood
Adam Smith
Modernity: The design for bureaucratic capture
Arun Sharma
Melting Pot or Gate Keeping? U.S. Immigration Backlash in the 1990s
Xiang Yu
Engaging Identities in Mourning with an Ethic of Discomfort
Thomas Beaumont
Desegregation as Caesura: Race and the Episcopal Church in Virginia
Nina Vest Salmon
Deconstructing O'Connor's Grace Through Marxism
Aubri Michelle Devashrayee
Engaging with a new, conceptual genre of narrative and its possibilities.
Eli R Schwanz
“Afghanis ” or new Iranians? Analysis of institutional discrimination against Afghan Refugees in Iran
Neda Moayerian
The Law of the Instrument: Crisis, Policing, and Security
Edwin Kent Morris
Transmodern Identities and Alternative Cultures of Peace in Radical Religious Movements
Katharine H. Cross
The Political Semantics of Crisis
Johannes Grow
The Windies and the Civil Religion of the American South
Taulby Edmondson
Winning the Lottery: The Diversity Lottery as Neoliberal Multiculturalism
Jared Andrew Keyel
Modernity without Capitalism: Political Subjectivities and Revolution in the Middle East.
Jonathan Viger
“I’m Not That Innocent” – The Relationship between Purity and Sexualization in the Star Texts of Teen Stars
Alina Hechler
Thinking the Necropolitical: Cyberpunk Necroscapes and Necro-temporality in Blade Runner
Caroline Alphin
Corporate Science Fiction and the City in the 1930s World of Tomorrow
Mario Khreiche
Wallerstein's Politicized Interdisciplinarity
Judson Charles Abraham
The National Language Game: Towards a Wittgensteinian Analysis of Nationalism
Hirbohd Hedayat
Michel de Certeau’s Use and Abuse of Wittgenstein in The Practice of Everyday Living
Darren Jackson
Changing the Narrative: The Postcolonial Museum from an Indigenous Brazilian Perspective
Jeffrey Nathaniel Attridge
Feminism and the Family: Internalized Sexism and Equal Rights
Heidi Schmidt
Critique of Autonomy
María Asunción Tudela
Crisis and Transformation, Science Fiction, and an Evolving American Cultural Identity
Elizabeth Leigh McKagen
Diabetes in America: the Impact of Attention and Crisis Language on Public Perception and Discourse
Michael McPhie
Epistemic Overload, Governance and Technologies
Amiel Bernal
Womanist Theology: A Comparative Analysis on the Impact of Womanism in the Black Church
Stephanie Marshelle House-Niamke
“Trouble in the Borderlands”: Media Constructions of African “Otherness” in the 2013 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
Margaret Appleby
Critical Race Analysis of Racial Nomenclature
Bakar Bey, Stephanie Marshelle House-Niamke
"Immigrants: We Get the Job Done!" Renegotiating History and Identity in Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton"
Sierra Funk
Yik Yak and Online Identity “Voice” Disruption
Josette A Torres
Southern Plantation Museums: Heritage Tourism or Dark Tourism?
Julie Walters Steele
John Locke on Executive Power
Dominick Robert Cooper
The antipoverty policy in Brazil: the global meets the local temporal disjunctions
Francine de Paula
Beyond Morality: Community Space Education and The Narrative of Success
Edgar Valles
The Extended Mind: Extending into Alterity
Lindsay Whittaker
Cultural Revitalization of Repatriation, Governing the Return of Remains
Ashleigh Breske
Ontological Security through Cynicism
Stephen Michael Christian
Resilience Thinking, the Unknowable, and Neoliberalism: Capitalizing on Imaginaries of Catastrophe
Timothy L. Filbert
The Culture and Nature of Springs
M. Joseph Aloi
The Greening of Indian Sovereignty: Postcolonial Narratives, Biopolitical Responses
Anthony Szczurek