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Alan Rothenbush

Network Security Update: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Alan Rothenbush
Simon Fraser University

Jonn Martell
University of British Columbia

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Considering recent events such as the SoBig virus, we don't need to be reminded how nasty a place the Internet can be. However, knowledge of how these nasty events take place helps us become better system administrators. This session will include a discussion of popular network infiltration methods, common hacking tools such as virus generators and sniffers, and a debunking of common misbeliefs like "firewalls can protect us." Topics will include balancing security with usability, how wireless can possibly be more secure that wired networks, how to "zero in" on bad guys, and laws which are being considering and implemented for vandals. The presenters, both of whom are practicing network security professionals, will demonstrate, live and in front of the audience, how easily a malicious hacker can gain control of your computers and wired and wireless networks.

Note: No networks or computers connected to the Internet will be harmed during this presentation.

Alan Rothenbush works for Simon Fraser University's Academic Computing Services. He's the person who gets to clean up the mess after the fact.

Jonn Martell has over 15 years experience with computer networking and teaching. He has developed course material for many different programs. He teaches courses in Web Development, Internet Security and Wireless Technology. He is currently the Project Manager for the Campus Wide Wireless Network deployment at UBC. Jonn specializes in deploying large scale technology projects in areas of networking and Internet technologies. The wireless project is one of the world's largest wireless network which was delivered on time and on budget. Jonn has presented at numerous national conferences and holds a B.Sc from the University of British Columbia.

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