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Birds of a Feather Sessions

The Birds of a Feather sessions (or "BoFs") are informal breakout sessions focussing on a topic of interest to participants. They are scheduled for 4:15 - 5:30 pm on Friday, Oct. 3.

Contact John Durno ( or Mark Jordan ( to suggest a session. You may also want to begin a discussion prior to the Conference using the BoF forum on the Web Board.

So far, we have confirmed BoFs on the following topics:

  • Open source software for libraries (Michael Hohner, University of Winnipeg)
  • OpenURLs and authentication (George Loney, University of Guelph)
  • Virtual reference (Andrée Côté Moxon, Donna Dinberg, Nicolas Savard, Bibliothèque nationale du Canada / National Library of Canada)
  • Content Management Framework for website publishing (William Oldfield, University of Waterloo)
  • OpenILL open source ILL management system (Mark Leggott, University of Winnipeg)
  • Information Commons in Academic Libraries (Leslie Firth, Carleton University)

BoFs have also been suggested for the following topics. These BoFs will not be confirmed until someone (maybe you!) agrees to moderate them. Please contact Mark Jordan or John Durno (see above) if you are interested in moderating one of the following sessions:

  • Metasearch implementation in libraries
  • W3C's XML Query work and its impact
  • OLAF - Open Library Application Framework
  • reSearcher project

BoFs need not be formal: discussions often develop during coffee breaks or presentation question periods that may interest a number of people. Since space for these sessions at the Conference hotel is limited, however, people interested in leading a BoF on site may want to suggest it get added to the list above.

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